e-Exam Trial – Expression of Interest and Consent to Participate


Why this form? ...

This form is to express interest and provide consent to participate in the e-Exam trials being run in your unit/course. It relates to three parts of the study:

1) Pre-exam practice session and short feedback survey

2) Participation in the e-Exam trial itself (via typing or handwriting)

3) Post-session survey (done just after finishing your assessment/exam on the day).


Be sure to read the 'research study information sheet' [PDF link] then complete this form.

A general information flyer [pdf] is also available, as is a set of FAQs [pdf]


Note! if you just want to handwrite (and have that choice!) ...

We would still like to be able to use your responses so we can do comparative analysis between the responses of hand-writers and typers for the same assessment/exam. So, please consider choosing 'yes' to items 2) and 3) below and be involved. This helps us build a valid comparison into the research study.

: *Trial component declarations
  Yes No
I have read and understood the 'research study information sheet' (linked above)
1) [for typers] I will participate in the pre-exam practice session and feedback
2) [for all] I will participate in the Trial on assessment day (I allow you to include my responses/data in the analysis)
3) [for all] I will participate in the Post-session Survey
I want to TYPE the supervised trial assessment
(Yes = type, No = hand-write)
: *The unit/course in which you are undertaking this trial
Choose one of the following answers

: *By providing your name and student ID below you consent to involvement in this study.

Please provide contact details so we may provide further information.

We will contact you via email at a later time regarding further arrangements for participation.

Please also provide a phone number so we can notify you in case of any last minute changes.


Next step for typists:

Book a time for the pre-exam practice / laptop-set up session.


For students who will *TYPE* the exam. Bring your laptop and mouse to get your laptop checked for compatibility with e-Exam system USB stick.

You must have your laptop checked to ensure all will be well! This will also save stress on the day. It also gives you a chance to practice the procedures, software etc with help on hand.


Please book a time slot for the practice/set-up session via the Doodle Poll link below.

Monash translation students : http://doodle.com/poll/7hqtwcwm33ridr4m




You may also refer to the DIY set-up and practice resources.

Laptop set-up guides and practice guides are available from the same link.


See DIY practice/set-up resources at
See 'Step 2', 'Option 2' and go from there.


If you get stuck -
Email me : mathew.hillier[at]monash.edu if you get stuck. You could make an appointment to troubleshoot (face-to-face at Caulfield or via phone/skype from elsewhere) - but please do go to a session or try the DIY resources first.