One45 Review, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland.


This survey is designed to collect feedback regarding the use of the One45 system during 2012.


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: *How does the One45 system compare to the paper-based systems used in the past?
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The web-based format allowed me to access and complete student assessment and feedback forms at my convenience

The email reminders to complete assessments with links to the One45 system were useful

The standardised rubric (feedback grid with descriptors) was useful for providing structured feedback to students

The open text comment box was useful to provide additional/ supporting feedback to students

Student photographs facilitated recall and assisted with the provision of personalised/ tailored feedback

The web-based process made it easier to provide timely student feedback

The web-based process was less time consuming than the paper-based systems used in the past

I was provided with adequate support/ guidance from the school with regards to my role in completing student assessments and feedback

: What were the best aspects of the One45 system?
: What difficulties did you experience when using the One45 system?
: What can we do to improve the One45 system for next year?