OLD e-Exam Trial - Pre-exam practice - feedback survey


Welcome to this voluntary survey which has been approved by the ethics committees of the participating institutions. It should take about 5 minutes.


Be sure to read the 'research study information sheet' [PDF link] then complete this form.

A general information flyer [pdf] is also available, as is a set of FAQs [pdf]


Having tried the e-Exam System with your own laptop computer - we would like to ask your impressions of it.


Your responses are confidential. No individual will be identified in the dissemination of the data.

Your responses are important and will inform future e-Exam design, management and the use of computers for examinations.


Please kindly complete all questions.


With thanks in advance from the research team :-)

: Computer Brand/Make
Choose one of the following answers

: The operating system on my laptop is
Choose one of the following answers


Computer Model

(E.g. for Dell it may show 'Latitude E7440' while for Apple Mac you need to find the 'Serial No' printed on the underside of the machine such as C0F629BDH2H).


All users:

Which boot method was used (or for Apple, which yellow icon did you select)?

Choose one of the following answers
: From a full charge, how many hours does your laptop battery last?
Choose one of the following answers

: What is the ‘one time boot key’ for ‘manually’ starting the e-Exam USB stick on your computer? (e.g. F12 on Dell, Alt/Option on Apple...)
Choose one of the following answers


If you encountered any technical difficulties, please select one or more of the following:

(if you had no difficulties then you can skip this question).


Equipment Reserve (please contact/discuss with staff or skip if not applicable)

If you would like/need to reserve university owned equipment for the exam please select:

Check any that apply
: *Inconsideration of typing your exam...

(this is not a binding commitment, just an opinion)

  Yes No
Prior to tying the e-Exam System with my laptop I intended to type my exam
After trying the e-Exam System with my laptop I am going to type my exam
: *

Please indicate how much you agree with each of these statements.


  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The written instructions were easy to follow
It was easy to learn the necessary technical steps
It was easy to start my computer using the e-Exam USB stick
I feel confident I will be able to do these steps in a real exam
The software within the e-Exam System was easy to use
I now feel relaxed about the idea of using the e-Exam system for my upcoming exam
I would like to use a computer for exams in the future
: *Processes...
  Yes No
I was able to start my computer with e-Exam USB stick (it reached the e-Exam desktop)
I was able to complete the example exam successfully
I practiced a 'simulated power failure' and was able to continue the exam after reboot
The laptop touch pad worked smoothly (i.e. it was not too sensitive or erratic)
: What are your main concerns regarding e-Exams at this time (if any)?
: Other comments, praise or suggestions for improving how the system works...
: *In regard to the e-Exam trials - in which course are participating?
Choose one of the following answers


For confidential data analysis please kindly provide your student ID.

This helps the researchers carry out analysis across the stages of your involvement. Your data is treated with the strictest of confidence and you will not be identified individually in any published results; only aggregate/grouped results will be published.

Please be assured that providing your student ID will in no way impact the marks you earn in this course.

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If you would be willing to participate in an interview or focus group,

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